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Welcome on my Audiovisual Production Website. I am a Music and Sound composer-producer with a studio in the
Czech Republic. My focus is on themes and projects concerning people and their lives, including significant life-
stories as well as any other manifestation of human creativity. For my compositions I prefer the use of classical
instruments, voices, samplers in combination with natural sounds.
The main rule of my work is that music should be used only as an aid to comprehension of the essential theme.
Otherwise I use silence for its special effect. From my studio I use the internet to deliver to my customers the whole
soundtrack matched to timecode or other timetable scheme.
Within these pages you will find samples of my work for Czech TV, theatre, trailers etc., all of which may be
downloaded. Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information and I shall be pleased to discuss and
co-operate as much as required. 
Kamil Holub